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About us

The Breadboarder e.V. (derived from the word “breadboard”) is an association with the goal of promoting education in the areas of electronics and electrical engineering.

The association was foundet in August 2014 by seven EE students who wanted to learn and share collaboratively beyond the scope of their studies. Be it repairing defective devices or realizing previously untouched project ideas, because they seemed too complex.

We mainly focus along the topic of electronics and electronic development, but we also consider information technology and software development just as much a part of that as well as the socio-economic effects which result from this topic complex.

This website shall, in the future, be a platform for activities of the Breadboarder e.V., including workshops, projects and theoretical considerations. One or two articles or comments on various technologies, trends or developments will also surely be a part of it.

‘Broken’ does not exist

Seemingly defective devices are thrown away carelessly often enough. Our members have just as often proved their knowledge and repaired those ‘broken devices’ thereby bringing them back to life. We truly believe in the Fixer’s Manifesto written by the Sugru-Developers.

A passion for technology

Our heart pounds for technology. We are convinced, that todays society would be lost without technology, especially electronics. Of course we also consider the downsides of a highly technologized society, in production as well as usage and we encourage a responsible handling of the resources of this world.


Realiying projects and ideas alone can quickly become tedious and overwhelming. In order to avoid both of these things, we strive for mutual support - intellectually as well as by working together. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and like to help each other out whenever possible.

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